Well before the beginning of each dive season there is a members’ meeting to discuss the dives they would like to do, and where. The boats are booked and run by members, selecting the best tides available, meaning not too early a start and giving a good slack window between tides, and aiming to visit varied dive sites.  There is boat diving on many weekends from March through to October, in locations such as Weymouth, Eastbourne or Salcombe. There is also day diving at the coast or in quarries and lakes. Please visit calendar for current bookings. On all dives we abide by the principles outlined in BSAC Safe Diving .

UK Coastal Sites

The majority of the boats used are Hard Boats with lifts, and we usually fit 2 dives in per day, a wreck and a drift dive which may or may not include a food foray. Scallops and crabs and the occasional lobster might find themselves being put into a bag and being carried back to the boat as we finish our dive, although sometimes it’s just pictures being taken. Please visit the Gallery for photographs of just some of the wildlife found off UK shores. Artefacts on the wrecks are left where they are for future divers.

Inland Lakes

The lakes are popular for training, or those early season trips to ensure skills are retained or just when the weather dictates no diving is possible in the sea. Likely sites are Wraysbury Dive Centre, Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre and Stoney Cove.

Club Weekend

Once a year we organise a big club dive which normally takes place in summer. A number of hard boats (usually two or three) are booked for 2 – 3 days of diving and an optional group meal is organised for the Saturday night – a good time is always had by all!

Dive expeditions 

Most years there is one week long UK trip. Popular destinations include Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands, for the opportunity to dive on the famous WW1 wrecks. Also the Shetland Islands for those Northernmost wrecks, and Lochlaine on the Sound of Mull for wrecks and scenic dives.

There have been weeks in Cornwall and Pembroke giving members and their families the opportunity to combine diving with a family holiday. Accommodation can be in hotels, B&B’s, cottages, caravans or tents depending on your individual choice and budget.

Holiday Diving

Members have also grouped together on holidays to warmer climes such as The Red Sea, Thailand, Florida, Truk Lagoon, and various destinations in the Caribbean.

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